Do you need to verify the parameters of the interiors?

To verify the parameters of the interiors and as a base for the verification of construction structures we provide the following services (punctual or long term measurements)

In this field our Accredited Testing Laboratory offers:

  • determining the source of exceeding humidity in the interiors due to thermal factors
  • parameter analysis of the interiors in relation to legal requirements
  • monitoring of the interiors serves as a base for an expert analysis in civil engineering
On the basis of the monitoring results we will suggest modification leading to an improvement of the interiors. As a feedback of the monitoring results, an expert report will be made or, if demanded, accredited summary of the results.

CO2 concentrations measurement

Decree no. 268/2009 Coll. about the technical requirements sets the maximum legal concentration of CO2 to 1500 ppm. With higher concentration side effects might appear, such as tiredness, concentration decrease or a provable decrease in work productivity or student concentrations in schools.

Air temperature and relative humidity measurements

The monitoring of interior air temperature and relative humidity is a basic tool in determining the causes of surface condensation hole fillings or other constructions. It is a preventive measure to avoid the appearance and growth of mold. It is as well used as a guarantee measurement for building owners, which will prove the use of correct warm and cold air distribution.

Measurement of global temperature

It is the temperature in proximity of the human body measured by a spherical thermometer. This global temperature includes the impact of the current air temperature, the temperature of the surfaces in proximity and the speed of air currents, and is the crucial criterion in houses and schools. It is measured at the head, stomach and ankle levels. From the resulted temperature it is possible to determine the operating temperature, which is a crucial criterion in offices and other working places.

Air current speed measurement

The air currents influence the temperature. When the airspeed is too high, it is considered as a draught and can even lead to health problems. The airspeed measurements map the distribution of air in ventilated and air conditioned spaces of buildings and is a control parameter of a correctly working HVAC systems.

Surface temperatures measurements

The monitoring of surface temperatures on the interior surfaces of the constructions serves above all for the identification of thermal bridges in constructions and hence to the determination of hydrothermal problems in the interiors.

Our Competences

Certificate of Accreditation – our Testing Laboratory is accredited by the Czech Accreditation Institute, is registered under the number 1234 with permission to use the national accreditation mark. The scope of our Testing Laboratory is defined in the Annex of the accreditation certificate.


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