Selected construction products that are not covered by the harmonized standards and are manufactured in the Czech Republic or imported to the Czech Republic have the obligation to undergo the conformity assessment in order to ensure the protection of the legal interest. List of specified products, technical requirements, conformity assessment procedures, the content of the declaration of conformity, the obligations of producers and importers are determined by State Decree no. 163/2002.

Manufacturer or importer ensures the mandatory conformity assessment and the declaration of conformity which are required to sell these products. To increase the competitiveness and demonstrate that the construction products without the CE mark verifies the objectives of sustainable development. Products supplied from the EU to Czech constructions can apply for conformity assessment. This also applies for suppliers / distributors of the products.

Construction products not covered by the harmonized European standard (resp. European Technical Assessment – EAD) which could jeopardize legitimate interest are regulated by the EU member states at national level.

List of building products that have the obligation to undergo the conformity assessment procedures are described in Annex no. 2 to Government Regulation no. 163/2002 Coll. where they are divided into twelve sets of products with similar uses in constructions:

  1. Construction products for masonry constructions
  2. Building wood prod
  3. Construction products for concrete and reinforced concrete building parts ucts and wood constructions
  4. Construction products for metal constructions
  5. Protection, thermal and acoustic insulation materials and products, waterproofing materials, roofing materials and adhesives
  6. Building glass products
  7. Building products for sewer systems and distribution of liquids and gases
  8. Building products for hole fillings
  9. Special materials, products, structures and equipment
  10. Technical equipment of buildings
  11. Construction products for internal and external surface alterations in walls, ceilings, floors
  12. Building products for sanitary facilities and other specialty products

The product files are divided into groups of products. Whole amend of the Annex 2 of the decree no. 163/2002 Coll.

When applied to a construction product mentioned in the Annex 2 of the European harmonized standards, then the manufacturer assesses and verifies the permanence of the product properties, determines the product type, produces declarations about the properties and indicates the CE marking products. Decree no. 163/2002 Coll. is not related to these products.

Our specialists will save your time during your decision making, by helping you to assess if selling your produced or imported products follows the government’s decision number 163/1997 Coll. or the EU regulation number 305/2011. Feel free to ask them.

Our Authorized Body 227 is offering

to all producers, importers and suppliers of construction products:

  • compulsory assessment of construction products conformity under decree no. 163/2002 Coll. in the scope of selling and supplying construction products
  • testing for the preliminary tests and production management system audit in your place
  • certificate or conformity protocol issuance in a foreign language
  • development of the basis for the conformity assessment protocol

Our Competences

Our company is by the Czech Office for Standards, Metrology and Testing according to law no. 22/1997 Coll., On technical requirements for products commissioned with state testing as an Authorized Body 227, on conformity assessment and certification of selected construction products pursuant to Government Decree no. 163 / 2002 Coll. The scope of our Authorized Body 227.


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